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How We got started 

I feel that we should have goods and services of our choice regardless of where it is made. However, many people do not have the means to acquire items made in other countries especially in Ghana where I am originally from. This drove me to set up a business to take care of just that.
Eaoza took off as a home-based enterprise in Ghana. Initially we supplied clips used for clip in hair extension, sewed clips unto the hair extensions as well as supplied quality human hair extensions to salons
We then added the sales of other things like wedding dresses and anything to do with weddings.
The business base moved to the UK in 2014 and quickly we were able to amass a significant number of clients. 
We currently also supply African Nigerian Beads necklace set to clients from all over the world. 
Our beads are sourced from quality manufacturers in China and Ghana. 

Clients’ orders for all our goods including hair extensions, bridal dresses and beads necklace sets are either fulfilled straight from our UK base, China or Ghana depending on factors such as shipping cost, beads design and availability 
Our beads come in over 1000 designs and in many colours which we are gradually updating and regardless of our clients’ need, we always meet them  
Customer satisfaction is an over-used phrase but we see it to be the backbone of this enterprise. We grow stronger each day because we use feedback to improve our services. Doing business with us is so much easy and straightforward because our processes are very simple and transparent. We also believe in fairness so we treat our clients with utmost fairness.
Take your time to shop with confidence and always contact us whenever you feel the need to
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